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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to Ticket 251

This is Ticket 251. It's what you read when your boss isn't looking.

I took 20 min of my time to write this so you better take 5 minutes to sit down and read it.

First let me say welcome. I'm Kat and I am your trusted blogger. 'Why should you trust me?' you ask. Well I can't answer that right now except to say, because I have brought you Ticket 251. The light laugh in your day, the inspiration in your dark cloud, and your helpful reviews on anything and everything. I hope that you will read this and enjoy.

Hopefully coming soon:

-My first time skydiving (within the next month) with pictures and video
-Several Movie, book, and other media reviews.
- The top 20 things you should never have to see at the beach
- 10 things you must bring with you when going to the beach for the day.

Aaand that is what's coming up. So stay tuned readers you will not be disappointed. Bet it didn't even take 5 minutes to read this.