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Short Stories and More...

This is the first chapter of a story I have been working on for a while. It's a short story.


Chapter 1 – the move

I’ve packed almost everything now. My room looks so different, so bare, the only evidence of me ever living here is the coke stain in the middle of the carpet and the spots where the wallpaper peeled from my insesint use of poster putty. Only my mother would decide to move from somewhere as beautiful as palm springs to some small town in North Carolina.
I put the last of my packages in the car to go to the post office as I took one last look at our beautiful home of sixteen years and said goodbye. The ride to the airport was short. It took nearly twenty minutes, but I was busy gazing out the open window at the sights I would never see again. We boarded the plane and nearly 4 hours later arrived at the Asheville Airport. It was smaller than the Los Angeles Airport, much smaller, quieter too.  “Welcome home Andie” My mother was simply too excited to be leaving warm sunny California. She smiled ear  to ear all the way to the taxi cab. “Honey, it’s going to be so great. Our new place is right in the mountains and the school is not, but a walk down the hill. I really hope you like it here.” See this is where my mother grew up and she knew everyone already. I knew no one.  “Mom, only you would be happy to leave the beach for a pile of rocks.” I couldn’t help myself, I had been compliant all the way here, but now seeing it, it’s like living a nightmare.
The drive was a lot longer to get to the new house, through many tunnels and up winding roads. It even started to rain as we approached the ‘Welcome to Mars Hill’sign. The car came to a slow stop infront of what looked like a log cabin. It was a quaint little home I suppose. There was a creek running through the front yard and a porch winding the second story. The yard was huge and had a bench swing where I could see myself reading in the summer. I suppose it’s not so bad. I grabbed my bag and followed my mother as she hurried up the walkway to get out of the rain. She bent down and stuck her hand in a giant frog statue and pulled out a key. Unlocking the door she told me how excited she was to have this house because it was the house she loved as a kid. Not that I haven’t heard the story a billion times of how this was her dream house. So how could I be the least bit resentful if this is her lifelong dream.
Stepping inside, I saw that the house was already furnished just the way mom would have decorated it. She’s famous all through California for her interior design business. Everyone loves her wild taste out there. Here I’m sure people are much too simple for bright red couches and modernized funny shaped tables. “ Andrea, your room is the one at the end of the hall, I hope you like the décor!” mom yelled as she marveled at a painting hung over the fireplace. As if she were trying to decide if she actually liked it, when of course I knew I would be staring at that black and white geometry type painting until I die. I made my way down the long long hallway and yet there was no bedroom I saw an office, a bathroom, and a laundry room, but no bedroom. “Mom, are you sure it’s at the end of the hall?” At the very end of the hall was a set of stairs though. So before mom could answer I found my way up the stairs and into a small hallway with a door on each side. I opened the door to the right and figured with the bright yellow walls and obscure architecture this must be mothers room. I closed the door before I had a seizure from all the colors. I opened the other door and was astounded, mothers taste is horrible, but what made her more famous was her nact to catch on other peoples taste. My room was a subtle tan, the color of the sand on the beach. The ceiling was painted blue with clouds and had a hanging lamp dead center. My bed was huge with a Blue comforter and tan trimmings. I even had a walk in closet with a floor length mirror and right by the desk hung a picture of me on the beach with my friend Allyssa. I missed her terribly. I heard a soft tap at my door. “ come in”
“well, honey, what do you think?”
“It’s great, makes me feel really at home!”
“good. I knew you liked your’ old room so I had this room decorated exactly the same. At least it will be little bit like home.”
“Yeah, but I’m sure I’ll get used to being here.”
“First, day of school tomorrow, so don’t stay up too late, k?”
“yeah, I was thinking about checking out the deck really quick.”
“okay, goodnight dear”
“night, mom”
I was surprised at how big the room actually was. A walk in closet, my own bathroom and a walk-out onto the deck. It was all too nice. And I’m sure the mountains are really pretty during the day. I took a short walk around the deck and sure enough it really does go all the way around. Before going inside I looked around a bit, noticing the stars are a lot brighter out here than in California. It really is a new kind of beauty.

The first day is supposed to be the hardest. At least that’s what everyone says. It was apparent mine was only going to live up to peoples expectations. My alarm didn’t go off and I woke up an hour before school. I was planning on getting there early to get my schedule and things aligned for the semester. It’s a forty minute walk down the hill to get to the school. I only had time to brush my teeth, throw my hair up, and throw some clothes on before rushing out the door. I practically ran to school not even noticing the fact that I forgot to grab my sign up sheet and backpack. Great, not only am I new, but I’m giving off the impression that I’m unprepared and a slacker.
When I got to school I couldn’t find the office, the school was a lot bigger than I expected, but I guess here in North Carolina they cram three districts into one school. By the time I found the office everyone was already in class. The lady behind the desk was seemingly uninterested in the fact that I had no idea what to do. “Excuse me, but I’m new and….” Before I even finished my sentence she threw a form at me, snapping her gum as she pointed to a seat by the door. “Fill this out”.  The form was full of questions about what I had planned for the future, and what elective classes I would most benefit from. It seemed rediculous for a junior to be filling out a form like this, but I did it and handed it back to the lady behind the desk. She handed me a schedule along with a pink late slip and told me how to get to my first class. If this is how the rest of my time here goes, I don’t know how long I can last.
I took my time walking to my first class. I could feel my heart beating against my chest as I made sure to memorize the tile floor on my way to class. Finally arriving at a door that had a faded sign on the door that said 'room 34' I hesitated on the door handle for a moment and took one last deep breath. The door made a large creeking noise as I slowly opened it. Everyone stared at the me as I walked through the door. I felt cumbersome and slightly annoyed with my alarm clock at this moment as I must look like I fell out of bed and walked to school.
"Ah good morning!" said the teacher with a very boistrous baratone voice.
"Good Morning" I simply mumbled and handed him a form. He glanced over it for a moment as I just stood with all eyes on me for several moments in front of the class. You'd think everyone could see my underwear the way they were whispering to each other and pointing at me. I double checked my outfit and my shoes just to make sure there weren't any surprises.
"Well, Andrea you can have a seat right there in the third row and I am Mr. Vickerman." He gave a half hearted smile and pointed to the seat.
"It's Andie actually." I mustered enough courage to say as I made my way to my seat in the third row. I sat down and rested my head in my hands realizing that this was going to be a very long long day. As the teacher rambled on and on about the world war and how pearl harbor was attacked I began day dreaming and wishing I had a pen to doodle or write. I have heard the story of pearl harbor a thousand and one times. I was in an Advanced Placement history class at my previous school, but I guess they don't offer advanced placement here. Your parents have to sign you up in the beginning of the year for the college workshop courses at the community college in town. Getting you out of this school and into a college course for the first half of the day then a bus would take you back to school. Although it seemed better than sitting here, I was not able to sign up since I am a transfer student.
I was so right; the day was long, very long and incredibly lonely. At least at home I had one friend. I may be quiet and shy, but I'm not unapproachable. The day was hardly over too. I had two more classes, physical education and chior. At least these were some classes I could enjoy and possibly make friends. I was in chior back home and that's how I met Allyssa. We were both alto and were offered most of the solos. I however, have stage freight and still can't stand alone on a stage and sing. Therefore, I gave them to Ally willingly. Although P.E. I just enjoy, because it allows me to request free-run on the track. Although, they may not allow me to do that here since I am not on the cross country team... unfortunately. Before these classes though is lunch. I used to sit under the stairs at my old school with Ally and we would swap our sandwiches and cookies and talk about the books we were reading currently.
As I walked through the double doors to the cafeteria I noticed that there was a long line for the hot serve lunch and the others that brought bagged lunches already sat mingling at their tables. I headed for the hot serve line and began waiting, watching as people filtered in and out of the small yet open room. I heard lot's of laughter and a few small bickering fights over whose stealing whose boyfriend and whatnot. As I watched though the tables got fuller and fuller. I started to feel sick to my stomach as I doubted I would be able to sit anywhere and the sign on the cafeteria wall clearly says no food outside this lunch room. Suddenly I wasn't very hungry and bolted from the line. I started rushing towards the doors, not paying any attention as to where I was going I just pushed through the crowds of people. I was not feeling well and needed to sit down.
Still rushing I cleared the double doors the cafeteria and still staring down at the floor briskly walking through the hallway not sure where I was going. I was suddenly caught off guard and whirled myself into someone. I wobbled a bit and then there were two very strong hands holding me by my shoulders, steadying me.
"Are you alright?" I heard the boy say with a very heavy, yet soothing North Carolina accent. I didn't say anything I just looked up and there he was, very tall and very handsome. Blue eyes still staring down at me I could hardly manage to nod. Suddenly I realized I was standing there like an idiot and he probably thought I was insane. I glanced around and that's when I noticed books scattered on the floor. I must have knocked them out of his hands when I smacked into him.
"Oh, I'm so sorry." I knelt down and began picking up books, "I was just in a rush and I wasn't paying attention and sometimes-" He cut me off with a very sexy laugh.
"It's alright." he said still laughing, "I'm just glad you are alright, I'm Vince by the way." I looked at him as he was now knealing beside me with his books in his hands.
"Hi, I'm Andie and again I'm really sorry about this. I'm new and I guess I was just in a rush not to be late." He looked very confused then glanced down at his watch.
"Class doesn't start for another twenty minutes."
"I know... I just... well you know since I don't know where anything is.."
"Rough first day then heh?"
"Well, yeah I guess you could say that."
"What's your next class?" He smirked with a sort of half smile and it was the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen.
"Well, Chior."
"Oh I have the class right next the chior room next period. I'll walk you to class if you would like?"
"sure" I couldn't help but smile.
"Well right now I am headed to the library to drop off some books then I will be headed that way." He motioned for me to come with him. As we walked we talked mostly about why I moved here and what Cali was like. Before I knew it I we were standing infront of the chior room going on and on and class was about to start.
"Well, Andie, guess I will see you later." There was that half smile again and this time he ran his hand through his thick dark hair that was tossed up in a mess look. He was looking kind of deviant for a moment before he turned away.
"Yeah Later, Vince" I called after him
Now I could not wait for this day to be done so that I could go home and call Ally. She would just love to hear about this. Even though I am sure I made a complete fool of myself and he's probably really popular and that is something I have never been. I just shook my head and made my way into the chior room hoping that the day would start moving faster.